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The Distillery is closed for renovation!

During the prohibition time a big part of the illegal snaps was smuggled through the archipelago. Today it is being produced here.


Skärgårdsbränneriet in Nagu distils alcohol since 1996 in one of the small buildings in the backyard of L'Escale.
The restaurant keeper is taking care of the whole process beginning with the collecting of the raw materials, like apples, potatoes and different herbs,  to the final bottling in the distillery


The idea to establish a distillery came from Osterbotnia where restaurant keeper Smeds` grand-grandfather Mickel Hurr founded a distillery during the  Russian time with permission from the Senate.  The farmer and ship owner soon noticed that it was more profitable to make his own snaps than to export corn to Sweden. His business ended when the prohibition time started.

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